Entering the Maze


In the event of calamity, is the intended recipient of real property, money, insurance, and personal  possessions clear?

Navigating a Divorce in

the Texas Legal system

can be overwhelming...

We are here to help.

Making the decision to dissolve a marriage is never easy. Still, even after both parties have agreed that it's best to move on, it's hard to know the best direction to take.

There are 4 areas to consider as you move ahead

Making that decision


Is there property that needs to be divided, sold or transferred? • Do the children have any property in their names that needs to be managed? • Is there more than one vehicle?


Where will the children live primarily? • What days/holidays will custody be shared? • How much child support will be agreed upon? • Who will pay for the children's medical insurance? • What is the plan for their education? etc.

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Is there a pension or retirement fund that will need to be addressed? Have both parties contributed to the retirement future equally?