Making that decision

Entering the Maze


Is there property that needs to be divided, sold or transferred? • Do the children have any property in their names that needs to be managed? • Is there more than one vehicle?

Navigating a Divorce in

the Texas Legal system

can be overwhelming...

We are here to help.


In the event of calamity, is the intended recipient of real property, money, insurance, and personal  possessions clear?


Is there a pension or retirement fund that will need to be addressed? Have both parties contributed to the retirement future equally?


Where will the children live primarily? • What days/holidays will custody be shared? • How much child support will be agreed upon? • Who will pay for the children's medical insurance? • What is the plan for their education? etc.

Making the decision to dissolve a marriage is never easy.

Still, even after both parties have agreed that it's best to move on, it's hard to know the best direction to take.

Today for Tomorrow

When your life together draws to a close, tomorrow becomes the most important consideration. We try to manage your concerns in two categories, TODAY and TOMORROW.

CHILDREN & PROPERTY are the concerns for TODAY

  • distribution
  • maintenance
  • establishment of separate households

RETIREMENT & WILLS are the concerns for TOMORROW

  • distribution
  • preparation for the future